Seals Paperware have been manufacturing high quality personalised Drink Coasters for more than 30 years - producing a Drip Mat which is both functional as well as an effective and versatile marketing medium. When comparisons are made of different advertising media, our Coasters are a highly effective and complementary means of bringing your product to the table - a sub-conscious reinforcement of your image. Coasters are a highly visible and cost effective promotional tool which can be utilised to get your message across in a variety of ways using - slogans - anecdotes - one-liners - or your limitless innovative skills to draw attention to your product. 

Our Coasters are constructed of a highly-absorbent paperboard with a moisture resistant wax backing. They create a traditional feel in any establishment. Used in hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, conference centres, boardrooms, airlines etc. - they provide a finishing touch to the decor and ambience -and serve a dual purpose of soaking up spills whilst promoting your corporate image. Over the years our Coasters have proved to be a highly cost-effective vehicle for promoting products, events or company image. Should you need any suggestions as to layout possibilities and ideas, please contact us - we can assist you with a cost-effective and economical solution to your advertising or promotional theme.

Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us at - - we look forward to being of service to you.


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